Rank High for a KeywordRanking high for a keyword can be tough. Today, I will cover how to rank high for a keyword in the search engine result pages. First off, most bloggers make the mistake of targeting a single keyword. You will never be able to rank very high using this method, especially if your blog or website is relatively new. Rather, you should first figure out your core keyword for all your pages. For example, I will use “Computers”. Now using a keyword tool such as AdWords Keyword Tool, I can research “Computers” and find key phrases such as “Buy Cheap Computers” or “Fix Computers”. The idea here is that these longer phrases have much less competition. This will give your website or blog a much better chance at competing and ranking high. After writing about several of these key phrases you will begin to rank higher for the single keyword “Computers”. This is because all of your content will have the same keyword at it’s core. Then after time you will have a much greater chance at ranking high for any given keyword.

Also keep in mind, that focusing your content on more specific phrases can really help your achieve higher page rank. Google and other search engines tend to like specific niched websites, rather then broad ones. It would be impossible to write about all the ways to rank high for a keyword in a single blog post but hopefully you are beginning to understand the main idea. I will be writing more about this topic eventually, so stay tuned and thanks for reading!