My application development portfolio demonstrates some of my application and system based programming experience.

Course Scheduler
Course Scheduler HTA Diagram
Course Scheduler Search

The Course Scheduler is a redesign of the myBanner online scheduling system used by many colleges and universities. Students can use this Java application to more easily register for upcoming classes with its improved listing and search system.


  • Designed user interface in Java with Netbeans IDE.
  • Performed usability re-design of original myBanner with white paper.
  • Created task analysis diagram to help assess design requirements.

Downloads: Executable (JAR)Source CodeUser Interface Redesign Report (PDF)

Retirement Calculator
Retirement Calculator Startup
Retirement Calculator Result

The Retirement Calculator is a Java application that helps users calculate their savings for retirement. The program was designed and re-designed to meet usability needs.


  • Designed easy-to-use GUI in Java using Netbeans IDE.
  • Performed usability re-design with white paper.
  • Based on the Ballpark Estimate from the EBRI.

Downloads: Executable (JAR)Source CodeTesting and Re-design Report (PDF)

Voting Simulation
Voting Simulation Command Prompt
Voting Simulation Interface

Voting Simulation is a Java application designed to simulate the time and status of a voting center. Upon running, the user may enter in important variables such as number of check in stations, number of voting booths, average voting time, and more.


  • Separates model and view code using MVC architecture.
  • Created live updating GUI to show status of voting center.
  • Demonstrates use of Java Abstract Classes and Inheritance.
  • Uses common data structures such as: Vectors, ArrayLists, and Queues.

Downloads: Executable (JAR)Source CodeSample Runs (PDF)

Quatorze Solitaire Game
Quatorze Startup
Quatorze Menu System

Quatorze is a solitaire game that I programmed in JAVA. The goal of the game is to eliminate all cards from the tableau. To remove cards, you select two at a time that must add up to a value of fourteen. Aces are equal to one, Jacks to eleven, Queens to twelve, and Kings to thirteen.


  • Imports external JAR to reference card and deck classes.
  • Uses Java Swing GUI and menus.
  • Demonstrates use of ActionListener and user input on mouse and keyboard.

Downloads: Executable (JAR)Source Code